Jonathan Rios

Jonathan Rios - Director

Masters Housing Bureau is a program of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.


Mailing Address:
One Tenth Street, Suite 120
Augusta, GA 30901

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Phone: 706.821.1315
Fax: 706.821.1330

About the Director

Jonathan Rios is the Director of Masters Housing Bureau, a program of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Rios, a native of the Augusta area, has over seven years of progressive experience in building long-term relationships within the community and assisting clients.

His expertise begins with ensuring we provide our renter clients with the most extensive accommodation options possible and then serving as a skilled facilitator and contract negotiator for both the homeowner and renter. Jonathan also serves as the central point of contact during Tournament week to ensure that both homeowners and patrons are mutually satisfied. Mr. Rios believes that the mission of Masters Housing Bureau goes far beyond generating a contract. It includes ensuring the entire Augusta experience is one that visitors will remember forever.