Homeowner FAQ

When should I submit my application?

Please submit your application as soon as possible. Masters Housing receives inquiries every day. Approximately 30% of our rentals occur between the time the Masters ends and December 31st.

How Should I determine pricing?

We can provide suggested rental rates. Larger homes and homes with high end amenities can command a higher rate. It is important to remain competitive with other homes in your category and location. Download the Suggested Rental Rates PDF.

What about maid service?

Maid service is recommended and can be included in the rate or provided at an additional charge. If you do not have a housekeeper, Masters Housing can recommend someone for your renter. Homes with four bedrooms or more are required to have daily maid service. Please factor this into your rental rate.

Do I need to buy all new bath and bed linens?

A complete set of proper linens is required for each bed. Your linens should be in very good condition, not worn or frayed. If you rent or plan to rent annually, it is probably a good idea to purchase a new set or two each year to maintain quality, but you do not have to purchase all new linen yearly.

Does listing with Masters Housing guarantee that my home will be rented?

Listing your home does not guarantee a rental. We work hard to rent as many homes as possible and Masters Housing works with a large variety of clients providing optimum visibility for your property. That is why it is important to list early and stay competitive.

How will I be notified that my home as been rented?

Before we finalize a rental agreement, we provide the homeowner with all of the details provided by the renter. Once both parties agree, a formal rental agreement is issued. You will be notified via email of the agreement.

What is the difference between a host and a sleeper home?

We do our best to qualify the renters and how they will use the home and relay this information to the homeowner before finalizing the booking. A host home is typically a home where there is a large amount of entertaining, lots of people coming and going, a tent set up, etc. This is not to be confused with small gatherings and renters utilizing the facilities and all its amenities.

What about cooking? What if I don't want cooking in my home?

The renters have full access to the kitchen and all its amenities. A family of four cooking breakfast and/or dinner, a small gathering, etc is not a host or entertaining home. renters have paid for the use of these facilities.

What if my home is damaged?

All renters sign a rental agreement that states: Renter agrees that a renter is liable to the homeowner for all losses and damages to the rental property and/or its contents during the term of the rental agreement. This does not include normal wear and tear. Masters Housing will help with communication to get the problem resolved, but we cannot be held accountable as we are not a party to the rental agreement between the renter and the homeowner.

Can the renters smoke in my home?

All rentals are "No Smoking" unless otherwise stated in writing. We recommend "No Smoking" signs in the kitchen and family areas. A smoking area and butt receptacle is recommended outside the home.

How will I receive payment?

A 50% deposit is due to the Masters Housing Bureau within 14 days of booking. The balance is due to the Masters Housing Bureau within 60 days or by February 15th, whichever comes first. Fees are due in full for confirmations after February 15th. Once the Masters Housing Bureau has confirmation of payments we will issue homeowners a check, this process can take up to 30 days.

Are rentals only for a full week?

We require that homeowners offer 3, 4, 5 and 7 night rates. If you rent four nights we can attempt to find another rental for those nights that remain available. This can often garner more money than a seven night rate.

Is it necessary to submit a new application every year?

Yes it is. This will allow you to highlight changes that have been made, submit new photos if you wish, and update pricing.

If a renter wishes to return for the next Masters, do I still have to reapply and pay Masters Housing a rental fee?

The listing agreement signed by property owners states that rentals in subsequent years between the same parties are subject to a rental fee of 7% payable to Masters Housing Bureau.

How will I get keys to my renters?

It is the homeowner's responsibility to notify them about keys and how to access the home prior to the renter's arrival.

Do I have to pay the $25.00 processing fee each year?

Yes, this fee is payable each year.

If I call Masters Housing often for updates will this increase my rental chances?

It will not. We are doing everything possible to rent all properties. The greater the volume of inquiries from property owners, the less capacity we have for handling client inquiries and maximizing rentals for all homeowners.